By: John M. Toothman, PhD, Board of Governors, Professor of Psychology
June, 15, 2017

Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) is dedicated to the theory that social change can transpire by informed and courageous leaders who have been exposed to an intelligent and creative assessment of social programs. The all-volunteer Board of Governors, President, faculty, and staff believe that learners (future leaders) can be emboldened to become empathetic, courageous, and powerful change agents. The objective of the Foundation is to develop in these learners the proficiencies and expertise that will enable them to analyze structures, evaluate organizational pressures, and define political strategies in the world today.

Intercultural Open University Foundation seeks to reach potential learners who feel that mere concern is not enough. Learners should be strongly committed to basic humanitarian principles that would warrant their personal and professional investment in seeking to effect fundamental positive change in worldwide social orders.

The Intercultural Open University Foundation is working hard to become an intellectual force reflecting a practical application of the behavioral sciences; a social force assessing the effectiveness of social change programs; and a moral force seeking the vindication of authentic personhood. Through study, dialogue, research, and clinical training in the field, learners and mentors will be dedicated to the great humanitarian principles of justice, freedom, democracy, and peace in the tradition of King, Gandhi, and Thoreau.

The Foundation welcomes learners who are willing to work hard and are deeply interested in exploring the field of social change and social conflict with serious intentions of professional or volunteer service. IOUF offers accredited degrees at the PhD level in a dual degree partnership with the Universidad Azteca and Universidad Central de Nicaragua.

The Intercultural Open University Foundation faculty is composed of notable professors from some of the leading universities worldwide. All of them have dedicated numerous years to social change projects and offer their mentoring services to the IOU Foundation on a volunteer basis. The opportunity for learners to share with this distinguished core faculty and external scholars can contribute greatly to the understanding and knowledge of social change. Future leaders in social change are encouraged to join the IOUF family in its endeavors.

Intercultural Open University Foundation is not content to sit idly by in the spectator’s seat. The Foundation is ready to give to the international communities the best of our creative imagination, and; therefore, unites the issues of ethical responsibility and human freedom.

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