In August 2008, the Intercultural Open University Foundation was reorganized with the appointment of Dr. Sandra Hurlong as the President. At this time, the Foundation ended its affiliations with institutions in Asia and India and actively prosecuted Asian Institutes that were pirating the Foundation’s diplomas. With the imprisonment in 2009 of the president of one of the institutes in India, the fraudulent printing of the Foundation’s diplomas was stopped.

Between January 2009 and January 2010, the Foundation initiated a rigorous self-study process that involved all the staff and faculty. It was decided to focus our energies on adult graduate studies in social change along with our support for social change institutions/programs, scholarships, and grants in the USA, Japan, Mexico, South America, and Europe.

In 2010, the Intercultural Open University Foundation found it necessary to dispute the factual accuracy of an article posted on Wikipedia.  The article contains biased and unverifiable information with references  that do not exist. IOUF was never known as International Open Distance University, and has never claimed any accreditation association with UNESCO. All IOUF Faculty, External Scholars, Fellows, and Resource Scholars have graduate credentials from accredited universities in the USA, Europe, Japan, and Mexico. IOUF dual degree graduate programs are accredited through a partnership with the Universidad Azteca and the  Universidad Central de Nicaragua.

Intercultural Open University Foundation has absolutely NO association with an institution that operates a website under the name of International Open University. This institution uses an URL, www.iou.edu, that is very similar to our Foundation’s URL.

The President, Board of Governors, and faculty advise perspective learners and interested parties in our Foundation’s work to take careful note of this official disclaimer.