Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

IOU Foundation offers a mentored learning experience with a distinguished international faculty that provides a unique educational approach. This one-on-one learning opportunity permits close collaboration between faculty and learners, and among learners. By creating self-directed learning guides, individualized curricula, and identifying relevant literature, learners complete writing assignments at home. 

The Learning Agreement, created by the learner in collaboration with the faculty mentor and other committee members serves as a map, which takes the learner through his or her program. The faculty provides critique, feedback, and suggestions for revisions until proficiency in the field are satisfactorily completed. Please visit the Program Overview for more information on the IOU Foundation learning model.

Intercultural Open University Foundation dual degree PhD Programs are accredited through the international partnership with the Universidad Azteca (UAzteca) and the Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN). The UAzteca is recognized and accredited by the Federal Secretary of Public Education of the United States of Mexico. UCN is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Nicaragua. In addition IOUF is a charitable educational Foundation registered in the Netherlands and United States. Our academic programs have been peer reviewed by HEXTLEARN, a project funded with support of the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Commission. You may find the summary of our peer review at the following link: Quality Assessment.

PhD applicants with a accredited Masters degree in a related field may apply for the PhD Program. No direct credit is given for life experience, but competency in certain areas from previous graduate work, independent learning, or work experience contributes to the pace with which you complete your programs.

Visit the Tuition and Fees page for the most current information. You will also find tuition payment plan information on this page. When planning the total cost of attending IOU Foundation, you should also include fees for books and on-line service.

Yes, we offer scholarships for incoming PhD and Post PhD learners. Please go to the Scholarships page for further information.

The tuition includes costs for your entire Dual PhD  with IOUF and the Universidad Azteca and Universidad Central de Nicaragua. Books, software, examination fees if required, and other learning materials would be in addition to the tuition.

Learners must complete a master’s degree before earning a PhD. In rare situations, an applicant may apply for the PhD Program by establishing Master’s Equivalency and an Masters Equivalency Examination. Please see the following instructions: Establishing Masters Equivalency.

The PhD Program has a minimum length of two years. Most learners take longer than two years. The length can vary considerably depending on your previous academic work and the time that you can devote to your studies.

IOU Foundation graduates are licensed psychologists in various states and Canadian provinces. Learners who wish to pursue licensure are advised to contact the licensing board in the state/province/country in which they plan to practice in order to obtain the detailed requirements. Licensure regulations differ from place to place. Learners should follow the specific requirements (i.e., courses, faculty contact hours, and internship) in planning and completing their PhD Program curriculum. IOU Foundation does not have an on-site internship program. Learners locate appropriate internships and supervision in their geographic area, working in conjunction with their faculty mentor.

Applications for both programs are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis. Your application for admission will be reviewed within 30 days of submission.

Once admitted, you may begin the program when a faculty mentor is selected.

Please contact us at (302) 352-1733, or go to our contact us page to reach out to us. Speaking with someone within the IOU Foundation community is a great opportunity to gain a more comprehensive perspective on our PhD Programs.