Books Published by Intercultural Open University Graduates and Professors


Swami Anubhavananda with Arya Kumar,
2000, (Honorary Doctorate)

Management with a Difference, 2007, Ane Books Pvt. Ltd

Praveen Jain,
MBA, 2002

Corporate Accounting and Reporting, 2005, Raj Publishing House,India

Sohan L. Gandhi,
Dual PhD, 2011

Editor of ANUVIBHA Reporter Acharya Mahapragya: A Journey to Wisdom, 2015, Harper Collins

Sergey Krivov
PhD, 1999

People: The Aries Project, Author or co-author of over 110+ scientific publications

Ambrish Saxena
PhD 2003

Right to Information and Freedom of Press, 2004, Kanishhra Publishers

Christopher Thomas
PhD 2007

Learning about Life, 2007, Minerva Press

Bremley Lyngdoh
Dual PhD 2011

Skills for Work in the Future: A Youth Perspective, Springer Link, 2005, Climate Change and a Post Carbon Future, Evans Brother Limited,2009

Lisa Shaffner Albright
Dual PhD 2011, LPCMH,NBCC,

Documentary Filmography: Healing Hands Therapy,2011, How Far is to Far, 2013, 100 Years,2014

Dagmar Vermeer
PhD 2004

The Unpublished Crime of Genocide, 2006, Lulu Publishing

Rudi Jansma,
PhD, 2011, IOU Foundation Board of Governors

Introduction to Jainism, 2006, Prakrta Bharati Akadami The Study of Global Philosophical and Ecological Concepts,2006, Motilal Banaridass Ecology of Some Morthern Surname Savannas, 1994, Koetz Scientific Books

Naoya Kato
M.D., Dual PhD 2017

Dealing with Cancer Patients:Opted for Alternative Medical Treatment, Journal of Therapy, 2012,Vol.94,pp.656-659, Gohan wa Saikyou no Kenkoshoku (Rice Healthy Diet) Opti0on, Ougon Bunko, Shodensha,2015, Shiawase nou Wo Tsukuru 3 Tsu no Hosoku (Three Rules for Happy Brain),Shodensha, 2013

Gulab Kothari
Dual PhD, 2015

Chhayankan, 1998, DK Publishers, India Manis, Part 1, 2, and 3, 2000, 2005, DK Publishers, India Patrakarita Jansanchar Aur Vigypan, 1996, DK Publishers, India Rajasthan Ke Bahurangi Vasta Parampara, 1995, DK Publishers,India Likhavat Aur Aspka Vyaktitava, 2000, DK Publishers, India Newspaper Management in India, 1995, DK Publishers, India Photo of Patrakarita, 1994, DK Publishers, India The Soul of Evolution, 2002, Rajasthan Patrika, India Body Mind Intellect, 2002, Rajasthan Patrika, India Samachar-Patra Prabandhan, 2005, Radhakrishna Prakashan, Ltd., India

Faculty and External Scholars:

Asiananda (Dr. Sebastian Devasia)
PhD Univ. of Calicut 1975, IOU Foundation Professor and Noted Indian Scholar Sri. Aurobindo Centre for Human Unity

Jinnah: A Corrective Reading of Indian History, Vol 1, 2005, Open University Press A Corrective Reading of Indian History, 3rd.ed, 2005, Minerva Press Healing the Subcontinent with Patel and Singh, 2002, Minerva Press The Nuclear Subcontinent with Hakemulder, 2000, Minerva Press

Jan R. Hakemulder, PhD and Fay (deJonge) Hakemulder, PhD, Established Intercultural Open University Foundation in 1981

The Global Silk Road, 2006, Intercultural Open University Press, NL Broadcast Journalism, 2005, Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd Media Ethics and Laws, 2006, Anmol Publications Mass Media, 1998, Anmol Publications Print Media Communications, 1998, Anmol Publications Radio and TV Journalism, 2005, Anmol Publications News Reporting and Editing, 1999, Anmol Publications Principles of Functioning of Mass Communication, 1998, Anmol Publications

Muneo Yoshikawa, PhD, IOU Foundation Professor and Board of Governors

Japanese Language and Culture for Business and Travel with Kyoko Hijirida, 1987, University of Hawaii Press Creating the Value of Life, Fumihiko Iida 1996, translated by Muneo Yoshikawa

Ray Miller, PhD, IOU Foundation Professor of English Literature/Dissertation Research Advisor

The Jersey Devil with James McCloy, Middle Atlantic Press, 1976 13th Child (Movie) based on The Jersey Devil by Miller and McCloy The Phantom of the Pines with James McCloy, Middle Atlantic Press,1998 A Dog's Life by Hans Bayer, edited with John M. Toothman, University Press of America, 1993

Rudolph J. Pasler
PhD, IOU Foundation Core Professor

The New Jersey Federalists

Marvin Surkin
PhD, IOU Foundation Core Professor

I Do Mind Dying

John M. Toothman
PhD, IOU Foundation External Scholar/Board of Governors

Conducting the Experiential Group: An Introduction to Group Dynamics

Barry K. Weinhold
PhD, IOU Foundation Core Professor

Conflict Resolution:The Partnership Way, Playing Grown-Up is Serious Business, Breaking Family Patterns.

Janae B. Weinhold
PhD,LPC Dean of Dual Degree Program UA/UCN and Core Professor

Healing Devlopmental Trauma with Barry K. Weinhold, Counter Dependency:The Flight from Intimacy