The Dr. Fay Hakemulder Scholarships for Gender Related Issues

The following Scholarships are available for Learners enrolled in IOU Foundation Programs:

Fay Hakemulder, PhD, together with her husband Jan R. Hakemulder, PhD, established the Intercultural Open University Foundation in 1988. Fay Hakemulder was known in many African and Asian countries, served as the Assistant-Advisor to the UNESCO Chief Technical Advisor in Kenya, and later as an Associate Expert for Adult Education with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

In Fay Hakemulder’s honor, IOU Foundation is offering learners scholarships that range in aid from 1,000 Eurodollars to 5,000 Eurodollars. Learners need to be actively involved in the type of social change that enable women worldwide an opportunity for personal empowerment and well being.

Some examples would be the following:

  • domestic violence programs;
  • health care for women in rural areas;
  • at-risk adolescents;
  • alcohol and drug addictions programs;
  • financial management;
  • AIDS programs;
  • and any other programs that work toward providing help for women worldwide.

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