The Dr. Sebastian Devasia (Asiananda) Scholarships for Peace

The following Scholarships are available for Learners enrolled in IOU Foundation Programs:

Dr. Sebastian Devasia (Asiananda) was a Professor of Philosophy and held the Sri Aurobindi Chair of Human Unity at IOU Foundation. He was a respected scholar in peace studies worldwide. His two acclaimed books were Wither India and The Nuclear Subcontinent (with Jan R. Hakemulder). Dr. Asiananda was the founder of the India Unity Forum in Germany in 1986. Along with Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, he called for the first global convention for people of Indian origin in 1989. He was a creative thinker, and all of us at IOU Foundation will always value his contributions to world peace.

In his honor, IOU Foundation will award scholarships ranging from 1,000 Eurodollars to 5,000 Eurodollars to learners who are actively involved in promoting world peace as social change agents and support the philosophy of nonviolence as a means to promote peace.

Some examples are the following:

  • research writings that relate to peace issues, and
  • any activity that is directed toward establishing world peace.

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