Muneo Jay Yoshikawa

PhD, Intercultural Communication

  • PhD, University of Hawaii, 1980
  • M.A., University of Hawaii, 1967
  • B.A., Linfield College, 1962


Muneo Jay Yoshikawa
PhD, Intercultural Communication

Dr. Muneo Jay Yoshikawa was born in Tokyo in 1938 and went to study in the United States at the age of 18. After he graduated from Linfield College in Oregon, he then received his graduate degree from the University of Hawaii.  Dr. Yoshikawa retired from the University of Hawaii after 35 years of teaching and now resides in Japan.

Dr. Yoshikawa is a well-known consultant for multicultural corporations and holds the rank of professor emeritus at the University of Hawaii.

Dr. Yoshikawa studied the Communication Theory, the New Paradigm Theory, and the Life Information Science Theory.  He developed communication theories in the Education, Health, and Business fields and currently conducts seminars in Leadership, Creativity, and Reforming Consciousness for company executives and C.E.O.’s.  He considers corporate education equally as important as academic education.

He has written several books and many professional articles in the fields of Intercultural communications, human development, human resource management, and leadership.

Professional and Job History

Presently, he serves as Professor Emeritus for the University of Hawaii.  At the following universities, he was a visiting researcher and professor:

  • Tokyo University, Newspaper Science Institute – Visiting Researcher
  • Kyoto University, Human Science Institute – Visiting Researcher
  • National University of Kyushu, Sociology Dept. – Adjunct Professor
  • Keio University Fujisawa Campus – Adjunct Professor
  • Prefectural University of Aizu, English Dept. – Visiting Professor
  • Shanghai External Trading University – Visiting Professor

Current Jobs

Educational Field

  • University of Hawaii System (KCC, Hawaii) – Professor Emeritus
  • Mobius Human Capital Development Graduate School (MGS) (Kanagawa) – President
  • University of Pacific, Summer school (California) – Adjunct Professor
  • Intercultural Communication Summer Institute – Lecturer (Reed College in Portland, Oregon)
  • Intercultural Open University Foundation, Netherlands – Professor
  • Intercultural Open University Foundation, Netherlands – Board of Governors

Business Field

  • Holonic Paradigm Institute (Osaka) – Director
  • Japan American Institute of Management Science JAIMS) (Hawaii) – Lecturer
  • International Advisory Counsel of the Asia Strategy and Leadership Institute (Malaysia) – Councilor
  • Ken Blanchard Company (California, USA) – Associate

Consultant for Multinational Corporations

Consultant for Multinational Corporations – Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer


  • Hawaii University Teaching Award (Hawaii, USA)
  • American Youth Teaching Award (Hawaii, USA)

Books/Research Papers

  • Muneo Yoshikawa and Kyoko Hijirida, Japanese Language and Culture for Business and Travel, University of Hawaii Press, 1987, ISBN 9780824810177
  • Fumihiko Iida, translated by Muneo Yoshikawa, Creating the Value of Life, 1996

Most of his research papers and books are written in English on the subjects of Communication Theory, Linguistic Sociology, and International Management. Dr. Yoshikawa’s biography and Double Swing Model of Communication can be found in wikipedia: