Gulab Kothari and the Power of Ideas

Universidad Central de Nicaragua/Universidad Azteca Dual PhD graduate Dr. Gulab Kothari spoke recently at a conference at the London School of Economics (LSE) in London, England, and gave a new twist to a topic that has fascinated humankind for centuries.

In his talk about the power of ideas, Dr. Kothari invited conference participants to go beyond a superficial concept of how ideas can aid humankind and explore the importance of personality and behaviour in bringing harmony to global issues. Dr. Kothari argued for a humanistic approach to problem solving that involves people’s minds, bodies, hearts and souls.

Dr. Kothari is a successful business person and a respected community leader in India. As the former CEO of Rajasthan Patrika, one of India’s largest Hindi-language news organizations, he has been connected for decades to a publishing empire that affects millions of Indian citizens daily. He is also widely known for his classic “MANAS,” an analytical study of the human mind from a Vedic perspective.

Not content to deliver the standard “feel good” messages that prevail at many academic conferences, Dr. Kothari argued for a greater focus among businesses on fair and ethical behavior.

While his words may have struck some members of his audience as somewhat unconventional, his supporters at the IOU Foundation are in perfect alignment with what he had to say. As a university foundation focused on mentoring social change agents to their graduate and post-graduate degrees, we support a model of the world based on the twin concepts of harmony and peaceful global change.

We are a collection of practical idealists who are dedicated to using education to improve the conditions in which our fellow members of the human race are expected to function.

The people who seek admission to our graduate and post-graduate programs are social change agents dedicated to fields of study that focus directly on making the world a better place.

We have offices in Delaware, USA, and Granada, Spain and we’ve established an accreditation arrangement with the Universidad Azteca in Mexico and the Universidad Central de Nicaragua. These partnerships ensure that our programs and the work of our learners are reviewed by an outside team of academics who themselves are accredited by the Mexican and Nicaraguan governments.

We consider Dr. Kothari to be a sterling role model for all of us parked here on Planet Earth and we are very proud of our association with him. Dr.Kothari speaks of the importance of ideas in transforming the world we live in. If you are similarly inclined, and you would like more information on how we can put our expertise to work on behalf of your dream of higher education, we invite you to contact us today for more information.