The Cosmic Infinity – A Vedic Perspective by Dr. Gulab Kothari

IOU Foundation and our partners UA/UCN are proud to share that our alumnus Dr. Gulab Kothari has recently launched his new book “The Cosmic Infinity – A Vedic Perspective“.

This book, a pristine and authentic commentary of Brahma-Vivarta by Dr Gulab Kothari, is a glimpse of the mind of Pandit Madhusudan Ojha, a great Sanskrit and Vedic scholar, who is fondly called by many contemporary Indology scholars as modern Vysa. This book explains and explores the fruits of studying the Vedas and enunciates the need to apply that wisdom with modern scientific epistemologies, thereby one may reach a state of wisdom.

This cosmos is brahmamaya. This creation has been called the canopy or expansion of Brahma. Whatever we see in this world has emanated from that very Brahma. In the course of time, everything will merge with him again. The very knowledge of how the entire universe comes into existence from that one Brahma or continues to come into being is called vijna. Based on this universal truth, this book could be called a hymn to interconnectedness that Brahma is the alpha and omega of the entire universe. Thus, it underlines the truth that the entire creation is the karmic form of Brahma’s knowledge, evolution and expansion. Highly metaphysical in structure and content, this volume calls for deep reflection and meditation for one to grasp its content in full sense.¬†