Scholarships for 20 sustainability young leaders in Brazil

In its bid to assist ESCAS and IPE, IOU Foundation has extended financial support to the Scholarships for 20 sustainability young leaders in Brazil. IOUF and its partners Universidad Azteca and Universidad Central de Nicaragua wish to see more future leaders coming from the region and help save the world.

Brazil is the country with unlimited opportunities and potential to change the world. The 8th largest economy has the largest amount of tropical forests and boasts rich biodiversity. Naturally this emphasis a major responsibility to protect its forests and natural habitat. However, recent forest fires and the reaction of the country has indicated otherwise.

The results of a recent study conducted by IPÊ (Instituto de Pesquisas Ecologicas) and a consortium of organizations led by IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), reveals that the education level in Brazil required to utilize natural resources and turn it into an asset for sustainability is very low. Environmental education of Brazil still gets unnoticed when it comes to opportunities for students to learn in a formal education system.

To tackle these challenges Brazil needs an army of highly qualified professionals in the environmental field. IPE along with ESCAS – Conservation and Sustainability School have started to offer 20 scholarships to highly motivated young professionals who have exceptional ideas that can solve the socio-environmental challenges but lack resources to develop these ideas.