Veda Conference: Dr.Gulab Kothari

Dr. Gulab Kothari distinguished alumnus of IOUF and Dual Degree doctorate from Universidad Azteca and Universidad Central de Nicaragua was recently honored for his contributions to the Indian newspaper industry at a three day seminar titled “Ved, Vigyan and Patrakarita” in New Delhi, India. Dr. Kothari is one of the most renowned experts in Vedic science and literature and is editor-in-chief of Hindi daily Rajasthan Patrika. His research was lauded by the highly decorated Sanskrit scholar Dr. Satyavrat Shastri. On this occasion Dr. Sandra Hurlong, President of Intercultural Open University Foundation gave a homage speech for Dr. Kothari’s achievements. Dr. Kothari’s books “Pragya”, “Shakti”, “Re Manwa Mere”, and “The Universe: Manifestation of Consciousness” which is the English translation of his Sanskrit book “Bramh Vivart” were re-released on the occasion.