PM Narendra Modi Inaugurated Patrika Gate and launched books by IOUF Alumnus Dr. Gulab Kothari

IOU Foundation and its consortium partners  Universidad Azteca -Azteca University-, International Programs and Universidad Central de Nicaragua are proud to share that the Prime Minister of India, Honorable Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated ‘Patrika Gate’ constructed by Patrika Group and launched two books – Samvad Upanishad and Akshar Yatra – authored by our dual degree PhD alumnus Dr. Gulab Kothari, an eminent editor-in-chief of Rajasthan Patrika Group.

During the event, Narendra Modi ji congratulated Dr. Kothari for his books and said that these are peerless gifts for both literature and culture. He also expressed his immense pleasure while dedicating the Patrika Gate which reflects the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. He recalled one of the special editorials written by Dr. Kothari after the 2019 general elections titlesd ‘stutyasankalp’. He said that the local products of India are already becoming global but now the voice of India is becoming more global. The world listens to India with greater attention today. Similarly, India media also needs to become global. It is imperative that our newspapers and magazines earn global reputation and in this digital era we reach the whole world digitally.

In the event, Dr. Kothari welcomed the eminent guests like prime minister of India, governor of Rajasthan and Chief Minister of Rajasthan. He thanked Modiji for unveiling the Patrika Gate and asserted the importance of revival of Vedic knowledge. He said that the Samvad Upanishad will add a new chapter to the chain of Indian literature. After the medieval age, the world is going to get the 224th Upanishad in the Vedic tradition bequeathed to us by the Rishis. He said the preamble of Akshara Yatra contains the scriptural analysis of Brahm – a complete introduction to the alphabet. There is a comprehensive and clear elucidation of each consonant, vowel, and letter.

Readers may find the complete speech of Dr. Gulab Kothari and Narendra Modiji by clicking on the following links:

Dr. Gulab Kothari’s Speech

PM Narendra Modi’s Speech

IOUF/UCN/UA applauds the socially significant and outstanding work of our graduates. Thank you, Dr. Gulab Kothari for making us proud of your brilliant work.