IOUF/UCN/UA Congratulate Alumnus and Dual Doctorate Degree Graduate, Professor Alaric Naude’ for his Leadership in Nursing Education

The education of health professionals during the present global pandemic is more important than ever. IOUF/UCN/UA alumnus and Dual Doctorate degree graduate Professor Alaric Naude’ was appointed Head Professor in the Department of English at Suwon Science College for his leadership during the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic which all but immobilized the Korean education system for months. He was asked to develop, teach, and improve the Clinical English curriculum in the Department of Nursing Science (Suwon Science College, University of Suwon) in order to give nurses the language skills required for quality patient care.

Dr. Naude was awarded Dual Degrees in Education (UA) and Social Sciences (UCN) with his thesis entitled, “The Naudé Hypothesis: Catalysts of Dialectal Mutation: The Fundamental Driving Forces that Diversify or Destroy Languages.” His language expertise as a polyglot has allowed him to work in unique positions and even record the endangered Jejueo (language of Jeju Island) for such NGO’s as Wikitongues.

He is also known for his volunteer work in helping refugees to assimilate and integrate into Korean society and culture though pro bono teaching. His research publications cover pedagogy, linguistics, and natural social hierarchies. A relationship model posed by Dr. Naudé, “Naudé’s Dimorphic Relational Symbiosis Model” classifies male and female relationships as a symbiotic and mutually beneficial biologically based axiom that impacts upon society negatively when unbalanced.

Currently, he holds active memberships with The Heterodox Academy (USA), Cognitive Linguistics Association (Netherlands), Global Listening Centre (UK and USA), National Research Foundation of Korea, and Japan Association for Nursing English Teaching.

IOUF/UCN/UA applauds the socially significant and outstanding work of our graduates.