IOUF and the Henry George School of Social Science

Sandra Hurlong, Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) President and Mike Curtis, IOUF International Advisor on Social Responsibility, were special invited guests at the Grand Opening of the Henry George Birthplace, Archive, and Historical Center in Philadelphia on May 5, 2015.   Henry George was born in Philadelphia on September 2, 1839.  He is well known for his economic theories and widely published book in 1879, Progress and Poverty.  Henry George is renowned as a proponent of the “Single Tax,” a tax on the unimproved value of land.  In the early twentieth century, his popular theories stimulated widespread intellectual debate and inspired a political movement in the United States.  George is a significant individual in the heritage of the political economy and scholars continue to explore the application of his work to the issues of today.  The Henry George Birthplace, Archive, and Historical Research Center promises to play an integral role in promoting public discussion of the wealth-poverty conundrum and Henry George’s ideas. IOUF is proud to have participated in this Grand Opening event.