Intercultural Open University Foundation/Universidad Azteca/Central University of Nicaragua Consortium: A Global Trend

A growing number of learners feel that it is essential to have a graduate degree for their career success. However, not many are fortunate enough to afford graduate-level education. For those who can afford the hefty educational fees, deciding which programs are best for their career and which institution to seek admission to can be daunting at best. 
To effectively tackle such issues, a growing number of educational institutions are moving towards consortium partnerships. With such partnerships, learners can choose programs from the best institutions across the globe and access resources which would not have been possible otherwise. Other benefits are support from the consortium’s network of notable faculty, sharing of resources, and opportunities for international collaborations on numerous open educational projects.
Some of the key reasons why Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF), Universidad Azteca (UA), and Central University of Nicaragua (UCN) have become a consortium are the following:
  1. Such consortium often leads to increased exposure to practices and organizational systems prevalent around the world.
  2. Provides international study opportunities for learners at the doctoral level through virtual and distance educational exchange and experience.
  3. Exposure to different educational settings and practices helps learners better understand the socio, cultural, political, and economic components of the society in which they will work.
  4. Of greatest importance is learning from each other. Learning will occur at various levels (e.g., administration, faculty, learners) and in numerous areas (e.g., differences in culture and context, research, education).
International consortiums are exceedingly valuable. Clearly established objectives, roles, and accountabilities, and regular communication are essential to ensure their mutual benefit. Although not always easy, international consortiums hold significant rewards for those participating. This is one of the reasons why many countries are promoting such partnerships between their educational institutions.
The IOUF/UA/UCN Consortium offers one of the best dual degree doctorate accredited programs to our learners. We are proud to have such great institutions as our partners.