Dr. Yoshiaki Kakuta Awarded an Honorary Doctorate

The President, Board of Governors, Faculty, and Staff of Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) have awarded Yoshiaki Kakuta an honorary doctorate and appointed him Professor Emeritus for his valuable contributions in the field of engineering.  His work will have significant scientific, technological, and social impact for the coming decades.

Intercultural Open University Foundation intends this honorary doctorate to be a recognition and acknowledgement of Dr. Kakuta’s life work. Among them is the establishment of the Kakuta Scientific Research Institute, the Mobius Power generator, and numerous patented inventions in space technology.

During his illustrious career, he has received over 100 patents all over the world.  One of them was considered an epoch-making-eco-friendly product called JVCS (Jet Vacuum Clean System), an automobile muffler, which was eventually developed and implemented in Japan.

During the past ten years, Dr. Kakuta has been focusing on a small hydro power plant, which he named MPG (Mobius Power Generator).  This hydro power plant can be easily built inside a private home.

The honorary doctorate was presented to Dr. Kakuta on August 28, 2012, at an award ceremony held in Toyko, Japan by Dr. Muneo Yoshikawa, member of the Board of Governors of IOUF.