Dr. Bremley W. B. Lyngdoh Appointed Fellow to the Intercultural Open University Foundation

The President, Dr. Sandra Hurlong, and the Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) Board of Governors are pleased to announce that Dr. Bremley W. B. Lyngdoh will serve the Foundation as a Fellow to assist learners to develop programs that will help people around the world build a better life through social, environmental, and economic development.

Dr. Lyngdoh is Project Director at The Mareeba Group, Director of International Relations at Global Plantations, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Worldview Impact, Advisor at Taking It Global, Board of Directors at PCI Media Impact, Co-Founder at Global Youth Action Network, and Co-Chair at United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development Education Caucus.  He is now creating an ecological business for a sustainable future by mitigating climate change at the grassroots level through the creation of sustainable livelihoods for the poor in order to reduce poverty. Through his continuous social change activities, Dr. Lyngdoh will bring his knowledge to potential learners who could make a dramatic difference in the world by obtaining a dual degree from IOUF and its partners Universidad Azteca and Universidad Central de Nicaragua.   His desire is to involve IOUF learners to assist in developing projects from the ground up that will enhance the lives of millions of poor people around the globe.

Intercultural Open University Foundation is honored to award this Fellow appointment to one of our own notable graduates who has made and will continue to make such a profound difference to those in need.