Disruption is the Great Awakener – Lisa Albright

The joy, fulfilment and exhilaration IOU Foundation and our consortium partners, Universidad Azteca -Azteca University-, International Programs and Universidad Central de Nicaragua experience seeing our learners constant efforts towards ensuring remarkable changes to resolve the environmental changes is indescribable. Here’s a beautiful post from our alumni, Dr. Lisa Albright.

“I’ve seen a lot of posts about what a junk year 2020 has been thus far. But has it? Maybe it’s just a wake-up year. Perhaps social distance is teaching us a lesson about connection. Maybe we take each other for granted. Maybe a pandemic is teaching us about how we need to care for and about ALL people. Maybe older people or those with health issues are not expendable. Maybe we are learning deeper lessons about inequality and prejudice. Maybe we need to learn something new or teach something new. Maybe we each need to search our souls for ways to grow. Maybe we need to find more ways to come together as a people. For surely, if there is nothing else to be gained from 2020…we will at least come to realize that we are, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, our brother’s keeper.”