PhD, Psychology

  • PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Chicago
  • A.B., Chemistry, Earlham College, Wayne State University
  • B. S., Animal Science, University of Delaware


Susanne S. Drury
PhD, Psychology

Susanne Drury, PhD is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma along with 25 years of clinical experience. In addition she is qualified to supervise masters and doctoral internship learners.

Dr. Drury has held an assistant professorship at the University of Delaware (USA) as well as an assistant professorship at Federal City College (USA). She was the clinical director of the well respected Tressler Center for Human Growth in Wilmington, Delaware (USA). Dr. Drury served as the chairperson of the American Mental Health Counselors Association Task Force on Business and Industrial Mental Health.

Dr. Drury has a PhD from the American Psychological Association (APA) approved University of Chicago (USA). She is presently a Professor of Psychology for IOUF.


College Faculty

Developed and coordinate a specialty program in Trauma, Abuse, and Deprivation and teach courses in trauma, career counseling, and abnormal psychology.  Also helped to design a weekend Community Counseling program.

Clinical Experience

Specialized training in the treatment of trauma and 25 years of clinical experience. Supervised Master’s students and doctoral internship students.

Adult learning

Expert in teaching adult students both online and in person. Taught other faculty how to teach at the Center for Teaching Effectiveness at University of Delaware.

Organizational Development and Organizational Psychology

Significantly improve team performance in 15-30 intact work teams a year. Provide training in leadership, high performance teamwork, communication, stress management, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, and other topics. Provide organizational development consultation, team building, and management coaching through TeamSkills and AGTS.

Work Experience

  • Intercultural Open University Foundation, Professor of Psychology, (2007-present),  Ottawa University Phoenix Arizona Adjunct Assistant Professor and Professor in Charge of the Specialty Program in Trauma, Abuse, and Deprivation in the Master’s of Professional Counseling Program (2001-ongoing); Argosy University (October 2005 – Present) – Adjunct Assistant Professor in Counseling
  • Consulting – Owner of TEAMSKILLS (1979-present); Arizona Governmental Training Service (AGTS) Phoenix AZ (1993-Present) – Organizational Developmental Specialist, Consultant and Trainer.
  • University of Delaware, Newark, DE (Assistant Professor – Full-time 1979-1984; Part-time 1974-1979); Northern Arizona University (1993-2002) Flagstaff and Phoenix Arizona – Adjunct Assistant Professor. Wilmington College, Newcastle, DE (1974-1976); Federal City College Washington D.C. (1972 Assistant Professor). Center for Teaching Effectiveness and Division Continuing Education, University of Delaware (1988 to 1990) – Teaching Consultant.
  • Clinical – Tressler Center for Human Growth Wilmington Delaware (1975-1989), Desert Springs Professionals Phoenix AZ (2001-2005) – Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision and Professional Education. Private Practice as a psychologist (1975-2000).
  • Delaware Psychological Association President and Continuing Education Chair; President, State Board of Licensure of Psychologists (1982-1989), Chairperson American Mental Health Counselor’s Association Task force on Business and Industrial Mental Health


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