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University Governance
Message from the President
Sandra Hurlong, PhD, President


I am committed to Intercultural Open University Foundation. I am a product of traditional and non-traditional higher learning in the US. I received my B.A. and M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania in Anthropology. I received my PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the Union Institute and University, Cincinnati Ohio, the first university without walls in the US. I have spent my career in non-traditional education, principally The Union Institute and University in the US.

I met the IOU Foundation's founders, Jan R. Hakemulder, PhD and Fay A.C. Hakemulder, PhD in 2005. Discovering that we shared a philosophy of education, we began a long discussion about alternative education, distance education, culturally and socially relevant education, and the role of IOU Foundation in global education.
IOUF Faculty Constitution


The Graduate Program of IOUF/UA/UCN
Governance Agreement – Part A, Constitution

Adopted by the IOU Foundation Faculty –October 2017;
Approved by the Board of Governors  - December 2017
(To remain in effect until such time as a successor document is submitted to and approved by the Board of Governors)

I. Preamble

A. Rationale

The purposes and objectives of this Constitution and its By-Laws are to establish a public and rational basis for the continuation of the heritage of the Graduate Program of Intercultural Open University Foundation in building an academic community that guarantees full and democratic participation of all involved parties in the achievement of the endeavors and goals of the Foundation.
Part B (By-Laws)

Adopted by the Graduate Faculty - October 2017;
Approved by the Board of Trustees - December 2017

The Graduate College of The Intercultural Open University Foundation Governance Agreement - Part B (By-Laws)


I.  Procedural Issues

A.  Availability

All policies and procedures shall be readily available to any interested party, through unencumbered and free access.  At least one copy of all such documents shall be maintained on a current basis in the Office of the President of Intercultural Open University Foundation.

B.  Distribution


At intervals not greater than one year, all members of the faculty shall receive a copy of each policy or procedure that has been updated or newly introduced since the previous dissemination of policy and procedure documents.  New members of the faculty shall receive a faculty Manual with their original contracts, said Manual to be updated to be at least as current as manuals in general circulation among the faculty.
Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee is charged to examine any aspect of IOU Foundation practice, policy, culture, and educational process that may affect the academic quality of the learner’s programs. The Committee will identify areas of concern, gather information, and make recommendations to the faculty senate and the office of the president.

Comprised of representatives of the faculty, the learners, the alumni, and the administration, the Committee will serve as a forum for the exchange of concerns, information, and ideas among the constituencies of the University.

Faculty Peer Review System




Table of Contents

Best Practices


Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF)

Institutional Quality Assurance Guidelines
Best Practices


“Methods change but standards of quality endure.”  This often repeated dictum inspired the faculty, administration and learners of IOU Foundation to enter into a dialogue about best practices in adult distance education.  As part of its continuing quality assurance assessment, this virtual Foundation has set a goal to create guidelines that will address the structure and process of the innovative learning inherent to the learner-centered, adult-focused distance learning institution.  While subscribing to the belief that there is no one “best way” and those involved must trust the process, IOU Foundation recognizes that the on-going dialogue will help to document the institutional praxis, and inform the faculty peer review process and institutional quality assurance.
Criteria for IOUF Professorship

IOU Foundation requires the following information for applications:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Ph.D. - copies of degree(s)
  3. At least 5 years experience in education and research at university level as appears in your curriculum vitae
  4. Research is important, but for IOU Foundation the emphasis is on education
  5. Fluent in English
  6. Education of
    a. large or small groups of learners
    b. successful guidance of individual learners to masters and doctorate degrees
  7. Two articles in high ranking peer reviewed journals (provide copies)
  8. Recommendation of two senior researchers or educators outside your own institute
  9. The acceptance of the IOU Foundation philosophy and educational strategy:
    10.1. Global Silk Road philosophy (see:
    10.2. because learner centered education is unique and while candidates may have experience with tutorial and individualized education, they need to be open to self directed study and adult education.