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IOU Open University online Ph.D programs

IOUF: Practical Distance Education for Direct Improvement

The dramatic challenges faced by the world's economies are getting a lot of press these days and as an international organization serving learners from every corner of that world, the Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) is watching with interest. Far from being an "ivory tower" institution, the IOUF is entirely focused on providing practical education for people whose lives will be directly improved by having more education.

Three Post-Graduate Issues a Distance Education University Should Address

Most of our learners haven't set foot inside a university classroom in many years but they found their way to us at the insistence of a little voice in the back of their heads that urged them forward into more education. But how did they know which educational institution would best meet their needs? What questions should they have been asking? What answers should they have heard?

Distributed Education through IOUF: A Lesson in Creativity and Flexibility

It's impossible to open a newspaper or web page these days without noticing how dramatically our world is changing. Global markets are in turmoil, civil unrest is flourishing, demographics are shifting and the values many of us grew up with - no matter where in the world we were raised -- don't seem to offer the beacon of hope we had once thought they represented.

Topping it all off is the "voodoo" that seems to be attached to the year 2012.

Distributed Education for Positive Social Change

The founders of the Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) swung open the virtual doors of learning three decades ago with one mission in mind: make graduate school education available globally to people focused on improving the planet we all call home.

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