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Dr. Naoya Kato, M.D., Honored as a Distinguished Graduate of IOUF, UA, and UCN
dr_kato_sm_creative2Dr. Kato is well versed in both Western and Oriental medicine. He has served as a specialist in natal care, cancer core treatment, pain management, internal medicine, and geriatric health. Dr. Kato practices integrative medicine that includes the role of diet, exercise, and emotions in the treatment of disease.
At present, Dr. Kato is providing face-to-face care to a wide range of patients at a clinic for terminal cancer patients.  His experiences as a physician have inspired him to conduct an in-depth study of death and dying.  Dr. Kato states, “The findings of my study has taught me the significance of continuing to serve as a doctor, whose role is not only during illness and saving life but, more importantly, saving patients from their sorrow, agony, anxiety and fear.”
IOU Foundation, Universidad Azteca, and Universidad Central de Nicaragua are honored to have Dr. Kato as a Distinguished Graduate with a Dual PhD in Social Science. Dr. Muneo Yoshikawa served as Dr.Kato's Dissertation Chair.

Intercultural Open University Foundation specializes in educational programs designed to accommodate working adults in a personalized, mentored educational experience for graduate learners.

Our Foundation believes that we need well-educated people to help resolve pressing global problems through research and capacity building.

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Prof. dr. Hakemulder with students

In whatever you do, you should be careful about the ending and the beginning. What is done well inevitably turns out well, and what starts well finishes well. If you are as careful of the end as of the beginning, then there will be no failure.

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