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Narmada Seva Yatra: Gulab Kothari
gulab_2IOU Foundation, Universidad Azteca, and Universidad Central de Nicaragua are proud to share that their notable alumnus and former editor-in-chief of the Indian daily newspaper Rajasthan Patrika, Dr. Gulab Kothari, continues his phenomenal efforts to further the cause of world peace and saving the environment.
Sculpture Inauguration at San Pablo Etla Ecological Preserve
img_2337February 6, 2017, Oaxaca, Mexico — Dr. Sandra Hurlong, President of Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) attended the sculpture inauguration at San Pablo Etla Ecological Preserve.  San Pablo Etla Ecological Preserve also added the Corn Goddess sculpture by Oaxaca artist Jose Garcia to its gardens.
National Environmental Education Training Program for Teacher Training on ‘Environmental Education’
epa-ee360-for-environment-educationIn its bid to increase the environmental awareness and enable educators to deliver high-quality environmental education, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will spend up to $10.8 million over the next five years in its National Environmental Education and Training Program (NEETP), informally known as the Office of Environmental Education’s teacher training program.
Dr. Sohan Lal Gandhi Dedication to World Peace
mainDecember 20, 2016, India—Dr. Sohan Gandhi, Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) Board of Governors and Professor of Social Science, presented his article entitled, “Is Universal Peace Possible?" A Jaina Response to its Deeper Aspects” on International Day of Nonviolence which was celebrated on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Dr. Gandhi raises the question whether universal peace is possible in the angry and troubled world in which we live.
The faculty of IOUF, Universidad Azteca, and Central University of Nicaragua are proud and honored to have Dr. Gandhi as a partner in our charitable and educational efforts to support the fight to bring about significant social change. 
Dr. Hurlong discusses future environmental projects in Spain and Portugal
photonews10-16October, 2016 - Dr. Sandra Hurlong, President of Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF), visited with colleagues in Spain and Portugal to discuss future environmental projects and enrollment in the Dual Degree Doctoral Programs in consortium with Universidad Azteca and Central University of Nicaragua.
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Intercultural Open University Foundation specializes in educational programs designed to accommodate working adults in a personalized, mentored educational experience for graduate learners.

Our Foundation believes that we need well-educated people to help resolve pressing global problems through research and capacity building.

We invite you to join our faculty and external scholars to develop a shared plan of study and research to achieve your educational goals.

Prof. dr. Hakemulder with students

In whatever you do, you should be careful about the ending and the beginning. What is done well inevitably turns out well, and what starts well finishes well. If you are as careful of the end as of the beginning, then there will be no failure.

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