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HEXTLEARN Assess Institutional Quality of Intercultural Open University Foundation

The Board of Governors, the President, Faculty, and Staff are pleased to announce that in October 2010 Hextlearn completed its peer review of IOU Foundation for quality in the innovative and creative use of ICT in higher education.  The Hextlearn consortium which included EUROPACE, EFQUEL (European Foundation for Quality in eLearning), University of Granada, Scienter Espana, University Erlangen-Nuremberg (DE), and EDEN (European Distance and eLearning Network) found the mentoring methodology used by IOUF to promote social change to be particularly successful due to the learner-centered educational environment devoted to social change and research in a global perspective.

Internal evaluation in the self-study and best practices provided a very clear approach of the Foundation’s values and mission.  The IOU Foundation’s self-study team appreciates Hextlearn’s professional review of our institution.  We especially would like to thank the Virtual Peer Review Board that included M. Begona Arenas, Thomas Kretschmer, and Rosana Montes.  
The Board of Governors would like to thank the IOU Foundation’s self-study team who devoted their time and expertise in making this a successful critical review of our institution.  The team included Sandra Hurlong, PhD, President, John M. Toothman, PhD, Board of Governors, Cynthia Jackson, PhD, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Marvin Surkin, PhD, Faculty, Ben Davis, PhD, Faculty, Anton Pieters, Registrar, and Roxanne Toothman, MS, Assistant to the President.