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IOU Open University online Ph.D programs

Intercultural Open University Scholarships for Social Change

There are numerous reasons why the Board of Governors and the President of Intercultural Open University Foundation want to make the world a better place for humankind. Our main goal is to help our learners succeed in life so that they can achieve their goals. We want our learners to take active roles as social change agents in improving the community in which they live. Through the educational process at IOU Foundation, we want to assist in enabling our learners to believe that they can make a difference working as forces for good.

The Dr. Jan R. Hakemulder Social Change Scholarships, the Dr. Fay Hakemulder Gender Issues Scholarships, and the Dr.Sebastian Devasia (Asinanda) Peace and Non-Violence Studies Scholarships have been established in their honor because of their dedication and devotion to Intercultural Open University Foundation and to the world community. These three individuals dedicated their lives to help and empower the lives of so many deserving people.