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IOU Open University online Ph.D programs

IOUF focus on Educational Projects
arden3Arden, Delaware, April 15, 2016—IOUF President Dr. Sandra Hurlong, Board of Governors member, Dr. John M. Toothman, Anton Pieters, Registrar and Treasurer, and Roxanne K. Toothman, Special Assistant to the President met in the Arden, Delaware (USA) office to officially develop future programs for IOUF involvement.  The partnership with Universidad Azteca and Central University of Nicaragua has continued to provide IOUF learners with accredited graduate dual degrees.
Because the dual degree graduate program is now well established, IOUF will be going in a new direction toward providing financial assistance for developing programs globally that will enhance and improve the environment and humankind.  IOUF has been instrumental in directing funds toward the following: climate change projects, women’s rights programs, forestation projects, study grants, scholarships, animal rights, and support of the arts. IOUF is proud to continue and expand its role toward charitable giving based on its charter as a charitable educational foundation.