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Anuvrat Presented 8th International Conference on Peace and Non-Violent Action (ICPA)
Anuvrat2January 5-8, 2014--Rajasthan, India
Anuvrat, a Jain organization, under the direction of Dr. Sohan L. Gandhi, President of Anuvrat and Board of Governors member of Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF), held its 8th International Peace Conference for the purpose of initiating dialogue throughout the world on peace and nonviolence.   The topics included Non-Violence and Economic Development, World Without Weapons, Psychological Perspectives on Social Change, Eco-Sustainability for the Future, and World Peace and Security for Humankind.  In attendance were distinguished scientists and notable political and social leaders from the world community.
The Conference held a high standard, which is exemplified in the empathetic spirit and philosophy of IOUF and its international partners, the Universidad of Azteca and the Universidad Central de Nicaragua.  The goal of all is to unselfishly further the quality of life of humankind through worldwide education without seeking personal gain.